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Half Marathon Week One In The Books

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I did two 2 mile easy runs but I decided to do a 3 mile run this Saturday as opposed to the 2 mile easy run the plan called for. Wrapped it up in under 38 minutes. About a 12’30” minute mile. Super slow but the truth is it should be. It’s supposed to be an easy run. I honestly have to remind myself to slow down a bit.

The reason I decided to deviate from the plan was so that I could try to get ready for a 5 mile race that is coming up. The ThunderCloud Subs Turkey Trot will be on November 25th… so I don’t have much time but I feel like the race shouldnt be too much of a big deal.

It’s getting cold here. It’s going to be time to look for vest. I love buying new running gear! Will post my thoughts on the matter. Not much out there in XXL.

Edit: My hand looks fatter than usual in that picture. Will remember this for next time.

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Livestrong 5K = Done

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I finished the Livestrong 5K with Nick and Sophie but sadly it wasnt even timed! It’s OK though… according to my watch I finished it at 36’04” which is very close to my first 5K. After, we celebrated with pancakes at Kerbey Lane. Duh. You always finish a run with pancakes.

Anyway, Sophie mentioned the 3M Half Marathon coming up in late January. I dropped a load even thinking about doing a half marathon but according to the Runners World Smart Coach it seems that at 14 weeks I have plenty of time to train for it. I am not sure if I am 100% up for this since my next race was going to be the Statesman Capitol 10K but I have to admit that it’s intriguing. My running plan is below and I have already done the first 2M run! (sarcasm) Now it’s a crap load more miles to go. I am going to see how I feel after I start incorporating those tempo runs in week 5. Meep. I think I will do another 5K next month to build my confidence a bit.

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Livestrong 5K This Saturday!

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In preparation for my second official race I have been ramping up my running faster than I should be. A good rule to follow when adding mileage is to add no more than 10% per week. For instance if you did 10 miles a week the following week you would want to try to hit 11 miles. This is a safe way to add mileage to your runs without getting injured.

No it’s not a case of does as I say and not as I do… but the truth is that I am ramping up really quick. I have only been running again after my pelvic imbalance for two weeks but I am feeling pretty good and I want to make sure that I am in the best shape I can be in for my 5K race this weekend. The truth is that I am only building up at this pace because I have a decent base built up before my injury kept me from running so I think i’m OK. I think.

Anyway, I did three runs over the last few days and I need to start keeping track. I decided to take pictures from my runs in hopes that it will keep me motivated to keep going back. Town Lake is amazing, frankly a lot nicer of a run than Prospect Park in Brooklyn, although I do prefer the Jakie O loop in Central Park. It feels so nice to be out at Town Lake when it’s in the high 70’s and there are tons of people out. Ahhhhhh… so much better than the 105 degree days.

So a little background info on my weekly runs, I am doing three quality runs, which in my case are runs that are helping me improve my mileage goals and two 1 mile runs which are really just a way for me to check my progress. Of course all of these are done with a warm up and a cool down. Also, since my gym, Pure, is literally across the street I usually hit that up after to stretch and do some core work since apparently a weak core was contributing to my muscle imbalance.

Thursday: 1 Mile run @ 11′ 08″.

Friday: I did a run/walk interval to get back up to running a 5K three times a week. Did 6R/4W interval 4 times. I did this run in my Free 7.0’s but I felt a little ache in my knee. Of course this was on the longer leg which causes me to have more problems on this leg. Thinking the 7.0’s might not be working for me as well as I thought.

Sunday: 7:30R/2:30W. Did 3.1 miles in 41′ 19″. HR 85% avg 95% max. 824 cal. So today I actually kept track of my numbers obviously. Sadly this 5K time is over 5 minutes longer than my first official 5k a few months ago… but then gain I am run/walking. Boo. Today I used my Nike Lunar Eclipse… I didn’t feel the same ache on my knee so I am thinking these might be my go to shoes. I will follow-up with a post comparing the two shoes. I may have to use the Free’s for the shorter 1 mile runs. Hmmmm.

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Third Day in a Row!

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So after reading Ben’s blog, see below, I have decided to stop being such a wuss and get out there and run. I know all the magazines say that as a beginner I should really take days off and blah blah blah but really where has that gotten me!? I have been injured and I need to get back on board for my 5K in two weeks. I entered it with two friends and I can’t back out… like I did with Wes… sorry Wes! Anyway I ran on Sunday and I did a short run yesterday and I am going to go today for my third day in a row. I’m excited… Taking the 7.0’s which I still love but I took the Lunar Eclipse out yesterday and they are really growing on me. Will report back with a picture!

Update! Got back from my run today… Didn’t bring my iPhone in my run so couldn’t take a picture while running…. So I took a picture of my shoes in the elevator in my building. Good news is that I did great considering that I didn’t run for almost two months as of last week. Did 5 minute intervals of walk / running for about 40 minutes. Then I hit up the gym to do some stretching and core work. I still love my 7.0’s! I will update you guys (if anyone is even reading this) about my thoughts on the new shoes. 7.0’s and Lunar Eclipse > The Beast.

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It’s No Secret…

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Most people start running because they are either being chased by an axe murdered or because they want to lose weight. Thankfully I am the latter. I came across this video while I was on Facebook this morning. I happen to be a “Fan” of Cool Running and occasionally they will post a note with some running related articles. The article that caught my eye this morning had some tips for losing weight from someone who has lost 120 of them. His name is Ben Davis and he made the following video. Let’s just say that this is motivation in a bottle if you will.

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It’s been over Four Months!

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A lot has happened in the last four months. Honestly I am not even running at this point, but it’s not because I don’t want to. Since I have last posted I moved from the Lunar Glide to the Nike Free 7.0’s. They are an amazing shoe and thought I found the shoe of my dreams. The Nike Free line is meant to mimic barefoot running, which has been getting a lot of pub lately in the news and in the media. Most die-hard barefoot runners scoff at the idea of the Free’s being a true minimal shoe, and they might be right, but I am speaking based on my own experience. With that being said I was running a regular 3 miles @ 12mm three times a week. In fact I felt so good in them that I introduced a recovery run! I felt great… until I tripped running on a sidewalk and fell on hard on my knees. I didnt think anything about it at the time so I just kept on running. I kept my running schedule for the next two weeks but I noticed that I started to walk really akwardly and I started to get this pain on my lower back. It got so bad on one run that I had to stop running after the first two miles and I ended up having to walk back to my car.

I went to a sports doctor who told me that I now have a tilted pelvis due to my fall and it caused my bodies structure to shift. Its been about two months since I last ran a structured run. I have done walking / running sessions to see how I felt that day but they have mostly all been bad news. I just now started to see a chiropractor who has been trying to realign my pelvis. It’s been three sessions so far but it’s still off a bit. There are two big indicators of my pelvis still being tilted… the first is the fact that my upper body leans to one side and the other is that fact that one of my legs seems shorter than the other. I have done a lot of reading about this and there is a whole lot to be said about this.

There are two types of leg length discrepancies. One is structural and the other is functional. The structural is pretty obvious… it just means that one of your legs is longer than the other. Most people have the latter which is functional, which means that something happened like a fall to tilt your pelvis which in turn makes one leg sit higher in your socket to make it seem like its shorter but in reality its not.  Muscle imbalances also might create a functional LLD. Tight glutes and hip flexors could pull your pelvis forward to cause the tilt. Honestly there are a ton of reasons why this would happen… and I have scoured the internet to figure out what the hell is wrong with me. The chiro did say that he thinks I might actually have a structural LLD because he has now reset my pelvis but one leg is still shorter… this means that I might truly have a longer left leg, which would make sense because I have always had IT Band problems with that leg and I also have knee problems with that leg since it pronates more than my right leg.

Anyway.. the point is that if you are having problems, there is a lot of good information out there and a lot of sites that have good stretches and exercises to get you straightened out. Let me link to a few things that helped me out… remember, my problem was that I tilted my pelvis and I had problems with my SI joint.

SI Joint Help
SI Joint

Anterior Rotation
Cool Running Article

There are tons of exercises and stretches that people suggest to help even you out. I believe the chiropractor straightened me out, but in order to keep this from happening we have to strengthen certain muscles at the same time stretch some of them out as well. Keeping your core strong also helps keep everything in it’s place.